What happened to molecular Cuisine ?

We have completed our merlots. The cabernets will be spending a few more days beneath an October sun. Yesterday, at the conclusion of a memorable vertical tasting, we gathered a few friends to meet for some vendange cuisine. Our cook Isabelle had got some beautiful cepes that very morning.

Dried on a bed of vine shoots then cooked à la bordelaise, with a little parsley and shallot, they accompanied the legs of lamb that Milou had patiently been twirling at the end of string over the glowing embers of vine stumps and shoots. With, of course, as tradition demands, a few green beans to lend the meal some légèreté…
And some Lynch-Bages 1990 and 1985… poured in moderation.
Happiness, simple and rare, just like the truly good moments in life!

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  1. Well, Jean-Michel, a true 'repas' du Medoc, with the mandatory lamb, using dried vines for the fire, which not only adds allure, but also a unique flavor known to every vigneron