Now that the new harvest has been lying safely in our vats, the vinification process now begun, I can yield to custom and provide a first glimpse of our just completed grape harvest. Neither particularly early nor late, it was aided by the fine weather. I could inundate you in dates, figures and more or less technical considerations on the maturity of the different grape varieties etc. Instead I’ll get straight to the heart of the matter:

The actual picking of the harvest (9 and a half days at Lynch-Bages, 11 days at Ormes de Pez), was spread over a period of 18 days, between 23 September and 10 October. When vatting, the musts of the red grapes were rich in sugar and the potential sugar content averages high, the highest in 50 years (at least!): 13.3% at Lynch-Bages and 13.2% at Ormes de Pez.

Something I’ve never seen before in my life… Right from the first hours of fermentation we noticed highly promising colours and analytic structures, where tannins and acidities seemed to balance each other nicely. Yet another great year… If I say any more, I’m afraid noone will believe it!

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